Vertical Tanks

  Snyder Industries Inc.


Industrial (ASTM-1998-06) and Commercial design standards available. Material options for a diverse range of applications:

High-density linear polyethylene (HDLPE)* black and natural white color – complies with FDA Regulation 177.1520 and NSF/ANSI 61 standards. Cross-linked, high density polyethylene (XLPE) – black and natural white color. Opaque white sodium hypochlorite resin #880059 (up to 12,500 Gallons).

Sulfuric acid resin #880046 (up to 15,000 Gal.) Available with IBC 2006 seismic and 150 mph wind restraint tie-down systems. Specific gravity ratings are based on the industry’s most severe calculation. Standard specific gravity choices are 1.5 and 1.9, other ratings are available upon request.All materials are UV stabilized for long-term outdoor service.

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