Intermediate Bulk Containers

  Snyder Industries, Inc.


For over 50 years, Snyder has been providing solutions for material handling applications. Snyder’s experience coupled with our talented engineering staff offers our customers the reassurance they are getting the best container for their application available today. In addition to our large proprietary line of containers, Snyder has the ability to develop custom containers to meet a customer’s specific application requirements.

Plastic IBCs
Snyder’s unique all polyethylene IBC designs are lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes up to 550 gallons, these IBCs are ideal for both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid applications. Rotationally molded in wall thicknesses up to a half inch, Snyder’s plastic IBCs provide some of the industry’s highest useful-life-to-cost ratios.

Steel IBCs
Available in both Carbon and Stainless Steel, Snyder steel IBCs are the perfect bulk handling solution for a variety of applications. Fabricated with some of the most sophisticated IBC manufacturing automation, steel IBCs can be configured to meet the most stringent design requirements. Applications involving flammable materials, high temperature exposure (> 140º F.), or extreme cleanliness requirements, are ideally suited for steel IBCs.

Dry Handling Hopper Bins
Steel and plastic hopper bin designs are available with a variety of options and sizes to meet the unique handling requirements of dry powder and granular materials. Dry handling bins can be configured with different slopes, discharge/fill openings, and valves, and Snyder offers a full line of accessories, including discharge stands, tumblers, and filling stations designed to optimize material flow.

Double Wall IBCs
Two tanks in one! Snyder’s revolutionary double wall IBCs provide a built in secondary containment for an IBC in transit. The inner polyethylene bottle is encased within a secondary outer polyethylene basin to contain any spills that might occur in a particular application. Double wall IBCs are the perfect solution for users looking for the ultimate in safety and environmental protection.

Viscous Liquid IBCs
Some liquids don’t flow freely through a standard IBC bottom discharge design, and require help to drain material efficiently and completely. Snyder has a wide array of IBC design types to promote better drain flow of materials with varying levels of viscosity. Be it a cone bottom or follower plate design, Snyder’s viscous liquid IBCs can solve your company’s challenges in handling liquid materials with higher viscosities. outdoor service.

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