Ceram Core

  Fiberglass Pipe


Size Range: 6″- 16″
Inner Corrosion Barrier: Abrasion-resistant 130 mil liner of high alumina ceramic beeds.
Pressure Ratings: Up to 225 psig / 16 bar
Temperature Range: Up to 200°F / 93°C
Fittings: Self aligning flanged.
Service: Severe abrasive conditions casused by sharp angular particles in high flow velocities such as bottom ash, sand lines and mine tailings.


There are many advantages to choosing Ceram Core pipe. For example, the pipe outlasts carbon steel, cast iron and special alloys under equal conditions. Ceram Core is easy to install due to its light weight for quick installation with less manpower. Maintenance is low due to longer wear of the pipe before rotation and the pipe resists internal and external corrosion.


Ceram Core piping is specifically designed for the severe abrasion conditions caused by sharp angular particles in high flow streams. Most noticeable is its successful service in handling bottom ash. Other typical services are sand lines, fly ash lines and mine tailings.

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