Fiberglass Bridge Downspouts

  Grace Composites, Inc.


Design Plastic Systems offers fiberglass bridge downspout products from Grace Composites, Inc. Fiberglass bridge downspouts offer a number of benefits:

Corrosion Resistant
There is no corrosion with a fiberglass bridge drain system. Fiberglass is inert to oil, gas, road salt, ice melting solutions & many other corrosive chemicals. Even the cleanouts and other related components are nonmetallic, resulting in a truly no replacement or failure due to corrosion. A corrosion resistant system that is truly maintenance free.

Fiberglass Drain Systems are Lightweight
Two people can easily carry 40′ of 8″ pipe with two cleanout assemblies and two collectors. That’s light-weight compared to metallic or PVC systems.

Ease of Installation
Another major advantage of a fiberglass bridge drain system is its prefabrication capabilities. Directional changes, cleanouts, and scupper collectors can be prefabricated to the section of pipe and then lifted into place.

Custom Fabrication
Custom and specialty fittings are readily available and easily fabricated. If you can draw it, we can fabricate any specialty fitting including: catch basins, odd degree elbows, oval fittings, square or rectangular components or any other combination you may require.


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