Fiberglass Grating in Peekskill, NY

Fiberglass Pipe in Peekskill, NY

Above Ground Plastic Storage Tanks in Peekskill, NY

We sell all different kinds of above-ground industrial tanks, including vertical, horizontal, and cone-bottom models, and chances are we have what you need in stock right now in our Pennsylvania warehouse. Non-metallic polyethylene and polypropylene bulk storage tanks are sold and serviced by Design Plastic Systems, a market leader over the past 40 years. Our polyethylene vertical tanks are molded in a number of polyethylene materials, including linear high-density (HDLPE) and cross-linked high-density (XLPE) resins that are listed by the FDA and NSF 61 and range in size from 20 gallons to 20,000 gallons. Our fiberglass tanks are made to order to meet your storage requirements and size requirements. We can offer a fiberglass tank with a diameter ranging from 3 to 14 feet through the use of contact molding and filament winding.

Above Ground Plastic Storage Tanks in Peekskill, NY

Peekskill, NY Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass Grating in Peekskill, NY

Fiberglass Grating in Peekskill, NY

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating is a low-cost, corrosion resistant solution to an everyday long-term maintenance problem including chemical exposure, weather, and rust. Fibergrate’s corrosion resistant grating is available with either square or rectangular mesh pattern options and with multiple resin formulations. Whether used indoor or out, FRP grating can withstand the harshest chemicals or weather conditions. This lightweight grating comes in various colors, thicknesses and grid patterns and is easily cut and fabricated into stairs, platforms, and other structural applications for easy installation. The ergonomic properties in each panel of grating helps reduce fatigue and increase productivity creating a better and safer work environment for any industry.

Fibergrate has a wide range of gratings to select from. Whether the application calls for a molded style grating or a pultruded grating Fibergrate has many options to choose from. Fibergrate also has a range of resins available to meet the customer needs. Whether the application is just water exposure or to the most corrosive applications, Fibergrate has the right product. Fibergrate also markets grating for the food and beverage market. The FGI-AM molded grating is USDA approved and offers antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the composite.

Peekskill, NY Z-Core® Fiberglass Piping Systems

One of the key benefits of Z-Core® products is their resistance to corrosion from a wide range of aggressive solvents, including:

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Acetic acid
  • Chlorine gas

This resistance to aggressive solvents helps extend equipment lifespan and reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, Z-Core® products are lightweight and easy to install, which can lead to faster installation times and lower overall project costs.

Peekskill, NY Z-Core® Fiberglass Piping Systems
Peekskill Non-Metallic  Tank  Solutions

Peekskill Non-Metallic Tank Solutions

Non-metallic tanks are light weight, corrosion resistant and cost effective. Polyethylene is non-corrosive for the life of the tank. A poly tank will not rust or suffer from corrosion as a metal water or chemical tank will during their service life. These tanks are also lightweight and easy to handle or move which means that depending on the size, no heavy equipment needed during installation. Poly tanks are made in one single piece which is also an advantage because there are no seams for corrosion to settle which prevents leaks and hazardous chemical spills. Poly tanks have a broad range of chemical resistance to both agriculture and industrial chemicals.

Explore the Chemical Resistance of Fiberglass Pipe in Peekskill, NY

Fiberglass pipes are generally known for their excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Some of the top solvents and acids that fiberglass pipe is suited for over other pipe materials include:

  • Sulfuric acid: Fiberglass pipes are highly resistant to sulfuric acid, making them an ideal choice for transporting this highly corrosive substance.
  • Hydrochloric acid: Fiberglass pipes are also highly resistant to hydrochloric acid, making them suitable for applications in the chemical processing industry.
  • Alcohols: Fiberglass pipes are compatible with a wide range of alcohols, including methanol, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Acetone: Fiberglass pipes are also resistant to acetone, which is commonly used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries.
  • Cost-effective piping.
  • Durable piping
  • Sodium hydroxide: Fiberglass pipes are resistant to sodium hydroxide and are widely used in industries that produce caustic soda, such as pulp and paper, and textiles.
Explore the Chemical Resistance of Fiberglass Pipe in Peekskill, NY