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Fiberglass Pipe in Cresson, PA

Fiberglass Vs Steel

Fiberglass Vs Steel

When designing a project, contractors or architects prefer fiberglass grating over metal or wood for many industrial applications. Fiberglass grating is 70% lighter than steel and has an exceptional strength to weigh ratio. In addition, fiberglass is corrosion resistant and requires less maintenance than steel and eliminates the heavy maintenance such as sandblasting and painting.

If your plant has areas where there is vehicular traffic, Fibergrate has a line of grating to assist. High load mold and pultruded grating is designed with a one-piece design which provides extra strength and durability. Where necessary, this grating can withstand forklift and tractor trailer traffic. In addition to strength, this grating is much lighter than metal and will not corrode over time.

Cresson Non-Metallic  Tank  Solutions

Cresson Non-Metallic Tank Solutions

Non-metallic tanks are light weight, corrosion resistant and cost effective. Polyethylene is non-corrosive for the life of the tank. A poly tank will not rust or suffer from corrosion as a metal water or chemical tank will during their service life. These tanks are also lightweight and easy to handle or move which means that depending on the size, no heavy equipment needed during installation. Poly tanks are made in one single piece which is also an advantage because there are no seams for corrosion to settle which prevents leaks and hazardous chemical spills. Poly tanks have a broad range of chemical resistance to both agriculture and industrial chemicals.

Explore the Chemical Resistance of Fiberglass Pipe in Cresson, PA

Fiberglass pipes are generally known for their excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Some of the top solvents and acids that fiberglass pipe is suited for over other pipe materials include:

  • Acetone: Fiberglass pipes are also resistant to acetone, which is commonly used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries.
  • Alcohols: Fiberglass pipes are compatible with a wide range of alcohols, including methanol, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Sodium hydroxide: Fiberglass pipes are resistant to sodium hydroxide and are widely used in industries that produce caustic soda, such as pulp and paper, and textiles.
  • Hydrochloric acid: Fiberglass pipes are also highly resistant to hydrochloric acid, making them suitable for applications in the chemical processing industry.
  • Cost-effective piping.
  • Sulfuric acid: Fiberglass pipes are highly resistant to sulfuric acid, making them an ideal choice for transporting this highly corrosive substance.
  • Durable piping
Explore the Chemical Resistance of Fiberglass Pipe in Cresson, PA
Cresson, PA Fiberglass Piping Systems & Fittings to the Chemical, Industrial, Wastewater, and Power Generation Industries

Cresson, PA Fiberglass Piping Systems & Fittings to the Chemical, Industrial, Wastewater, and Power Generation Industries

Fiberglass piping systems and fittings are commonly used in a variety of industries, including chemical, industrial, wastewater, and power generation. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) piping systems offer numerous advantages over traditional materials like steel, including superior corrosion resistance, lightweight construction, and long service life.

  • Chemical industry: FRP piping systems are commonly used in the chemical industry for the safe and reliable transport of corrosive chemicals. FRP is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it an ideal choice for chemical processing applications.
  • Industrial applications: FRP piping systems are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as food processing, pulp and paper, and mining. These industries require piping systems that can withstand harsh operating conditions, and FRP offers the durability and resistance necessary for long-lasting performance.
  • Wastewater treatment: FRP piping systems are widely used in wastewater treatment facilities due to their resistance to corrosion from harsh chemicals and sewage. These systems are also lightweight and easy to install, making them a popular choice for new construction and retrofit projects.
  • Power generation: FRP piping systems are commonly used in power generation facilities for the transport of cooling water, chemicals, and other fluids. They are highly resistant to corrosion from chemicals and high temperatures, making them an ideal choice for power generation applications.

Above Ground Plastic Storage Tanks in Cresson, PA

We sell all different kinds of above-ground industrial tanks, including vertical, horizontal, and cone-bottom models, and chances are we have what you need in stock right now in our Pennsylvania warehouse. Non-metallic polyethylene and polypropylene bulk storage tanks are sold and serviced by Design Plastic Systems, a market leader over the past 40 years. Our polyethylene vertical tanks are molded in a number of polyethylene materials, including linear high-density (HDLPE) and cross-linked high-density (XLPE) resins that are listed by the FDA and NSF 61 and range in size from 20 gallons to 20,000 gallons. Our fiberglass tanks are made to order to meet your storage requirements and size requirements. We can offer a fiberglass tank with a diameter ranging from 3 to 14 feet through the use of contact molding and filament winding.

Above Ground Plastic Storage Tanks in Cresson, PA

Complete line of platform and Cresson stairway structural assembly

Fibergrate’s Dynaform products offer a complete line of fiberglass structural components. Similar to steel, Fibergrate offers angle, I Beam, Channel, Square Tube, Curb (Embedment) Angle, Round Tube, threaded rod and hardware. As with Fibergrate’s other products the structure is offered is various resins and is fire retardant. By having a complete line of fiberglass structures enables us to offer a complete platform or stairway - structure, grating, treads and handrail would all be fiberglass.

Fibergrate has a full line of adjustable pedestals to work with their molded grating. Many times, customers need a raised platform to keep the surface off the ground. Adjustable pedestals are available from a 3 ¼” – 42” height and are perfect for floors that have a slope to them.

Fibergrate offers many other accessories to go along with their products. These include stainless grating hold down clips, grating edge ramps, epoxy sealer, fiberglass bonding kits, rubber feet, etc.

Complete line of platform and Cresson stairway structural assembly