Fabrication Services

Design Plastic Systems is not your typical plastics distributor. We like to offer value added fabrication services as well. We operate our own 3500 sq. ft. fabrication shop and offer such services as:

Shop Services Field Services
Pre-Fabricated Fiberglass Pipe Spools and Headers FRP Platform, Grating, and Stairway Installations
PVC Fabrications FRP Pipe & Duct Installations
Fiberglass Platforms, Stairways and Catwalks FRP Butt & Wrap Joints
Fiberglass Ladders and Handrail Pipe Repairs
Polyethylene Tank Fit Up Plastic and FRP Tank Repairs
HDPE Fusion HDPE Fusion
Examples of Fabrication
Fiberglass Grating
Fiberglass Grating
Fiberglass Platforms
Fiberglass Platforms

Fiberglass Structures
Fiberglass Structures

Green Thread® Fabrication
Green Thread®

Centricast CL®
Centricast CL®

Double Containment Fabrication
Double Containment

Custom Pipe Fabrication
Custom Pipe Fabrication

HDPE Pipe Fabrication
HDPE Pipe Fusion

Thermoplastic Pipe Fabrication
PVC Pipe Fabrication

Fiberglass Tank Fabrication
Fiberglass Tanks

Polyethylene Tank Fabrication
Polyethylene Tanks

Fiberglass Downspout Fabrication
Fiberglass Downspouts

* Please click on any of these photos to view more examples of our fabrication projects.